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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Bucket List Checked: The Houston Art Car Parade

I'm so glad the weathermen were wrong about this past weekend! We had bad storms Thursday and Friday. Friday I decided to nix any outdoor activities. I'm still in a walking boot after injuring my ankle, and somehow slogging through wet streets didn't seem as appealing. Saturday morning the house was still a'rockin, with all of the apps and maps galore projecting a continuation of the rain. But by the time we were up and about on Saturday, the skies were clear and even the humidity was at bay. God was smiling on The Orange Show that day.

The Orange Show is an arts foundation that puts on 
The Colonel!
various events and shows to benefit arts and get kids involved with it. In short, it's great! For 26 years now, they have hosted The Houston Art Car Parade, and for as long as I've known about it, I've wanted to go, but you know how life and living on the other side of the country can get in the way. Last year the co-Grand Marshals were J.J. Watt and Conor Barwin!!!!! (for you non-football lovers, they're players for the Texans...except Conor is now with Philly...sigh) Of course I wore my J.J. jersey Saturday hoping for a repeat...but no dice. The parade is free, but if you want choice food and drink and viewing, you'll pay a whopping $125 to be a VIP. No VIP status here, but we got a great spot in the shade, perfect for all the jalopy fumes (and people watching) you could handle. There was a Batmobile, Nemo, and a slew of incredible low riders, but take a look at some of my favorite rides. 


Sparkly Honda Accord!

I think even my hour-plus commute would be made better riding around in a metallic owl, don't you?

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  1. Hang in there, and hopefully it'll turn up. In the meantime, whew!... glad your backpack wasn't in there as well. I'd be more upset if my personal notes were stolen than my car! LOL Writer's priorities and all...London events