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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Fashion Buffet: Getting Wet Edition

The buffet is a little later than normal (or is it just reeeally early?) but it’s a goodie. This weekend was very productive for me. I finished a season of Crime 360, snapped some pictures of animals from the couch, dropped the leaves on our kitchen table and filled the rest of the time up with naps. Yes, I am wife of the year. Did anyone accomplish anything more than that this weekend? I dare you to try.

Flip Flops for a Cause:
There are some you out there that are flip flop fanatics. I am not one of you. J But no judgment, honest! So get a load of these artsy looking thongs. Have you fully absorbed them yet? Good. Now guess how much they are. Not $18, not $180 but $18,000! Yes, that’s right – these flip flops here cost more than my car! Flip flop maker Chipkos partnered with artist David Palmer to create these hand painted shoes. Each pair comes with a guaranteed preservation and protection of 100,000 square feet of Costa Rican rainforest. They're even painted with 6 grams of eco-friendly gold and include a 2-night stay in Beverly Hills and an artist meet-and-greet. For those of you needing to put your $18,000 to better use, but still love a good rainforest saving, you can purchase a "regular" pair from Chipkos for $42. Each pair sold saves 100 sq ft of rainforest. 

Water Tight:
Athleta, an active wear company under the Gap umbrella,
has long been a favorite of the yoga set. They have a new store in NYC outfitting women in and out of the gym. (I like that their whole line is designed by female athletes, so you know the details and fit are actually what you need.) While you can get the requisite sports bras, tennis skirts and leggings, the store is also offering something that is great for anyone, active or not: water resistant jeans! Actually, they have a whole line of these pants, exclusive to Athleta, including skinny jeans, bootcut jeans, corduroys and cargos. Genius. Who hasn’t wished their pants wicked water when caught in a downpour running errands? Wet denim is so heavy, and seems to stay wet ALL DAY. These pants, starting at $148, sound well worth the money for me. What say you – would you try them?

Sweet as Honey
Le Siiiiiiiigh.
As if Louis Vuitton needed another market to get into, they’ve dipped into the honey business. In 2009 they installed hives on the roof of their headquarters in Paris, and now they are enjoying their first harvest from these designer bees. Of course, LV honey, called Miel de la Belle Jardiniere, also comes with exclusivity. It’s PARISIAN! For now, LV is only gifting it to family and friends, but I’m sure in due time we’ll see jars of it for sale at Neiman’s and Harrods – people will buy anything with a designer label on it.

Fresh Brewed Shoes:

Y’all know I’m a sucker for wacky shoes – well, LOOKING at them. Kobi Levi, the dude responsible for these glorious shoes, is at it again. And God bless him! Not for the fashion faint of heart, these coffee pot shoes resemble actual hot coffee being poured out of them. If I were going as a Starbucks heiress or a couture barista for Halloween, I can’t think of better shoes to go with the costume. What do you think of these babies? Would you wear anything this wacky?

NEWS ALERT: A 5.8 earthquake happened earlier today in the DC area. I felt it at my desk in South Carolina! Friends felt it up in NYC, and a guy I know in Atlanta felt it as well. A 5.8 quake is no joke - no wonder we all felt it on the east coast! Did anyone else feel it? Did anyone else think their chair was just spontaneously collapsing like I did? Strange days, my friends.

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  1. That is a bit too much for a pair of flip flops...and people thought I was a little nutty for spending $40 for my arch-support adventure flip flops. But man, are they worth it. Sturdy and you can walk in them for miles!