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Saturday, July 20, 2013


Boo visiting Tory Burch, via The Daily Mail
Hopefully I'm not the first to tell you about the "world's cutest dog," because you have surely been missing on immense doses of cheek scrunching and audible "awwwws" if that's the case. But if you have no idea what I'm talking about, Boo the Pomeranian, pictured above, is actually quite possibly the world's cutest dog. Behind mine of course :).
I'm Sadie!

Boo has his own Facebook page, Instagram account, book deals, and of course, a worldwide following of cuteness devotees. Boo is known for dressing in adorable outfits, loving the Chicago Cubs, promoting charities, and being all-around fabulous. It's no secret I love animals, so I am definitely on the Boo bandwagon.

Now that we're all up to speed, I can share (with no fear of puzzlement) the glee I had when reading the August 2013 issue of Harper's BAZAAR. The fashion mag has featured Boo and his best friend Buddy in a spread featuring fine jewelry. I know - dogs wearing jewelry. It can't be bad! Boo and Buddy are both boys, and generally women are the ones wearing fine jewelry. It's perfectly acceptable to me for a male, canine or otherwise, to pile on the bling, but maybe BAZAAR was making a statement about crossing gender conventional lines with this editorial. Or, maybe the dogs are cute, regardless of sex, and jewelry makes them look 10x cuter! Methinks it's the latter :). Enough waxing idealistic - on to the cuteness! All photos below courtesy of Harper's BAZAAR.

Boo wearing Van Cleef & Arpels
I love that the spread looked like you were looking at photos of the pups on Instagram. True to one of their sources of fame, it also kept things from being too serious. Granted, dogs wearing diamonds is hardly thought-provoking, but this showed BAZAAR is A) in on the joke and B) totally current.

Buddy wearing Chanel

This is exactly how the photos appeared in the magazine - at first I thought they were ads, but seeing Joanna Hillman credited as the fashion editor, I knew the magazine was behind it. Love it!                                                    
Boo wearing Bulgari
I love the caption for Boo in Bulgari: "Is this Bulgari necklace too much? I don't think so." Me either, Boo. Me either. What a nice break from the sometimes stodgy, over-the-top fashion spreads. I love an Inez and Vinoodh shoot any day, but it's hard not to gush at the world's cutest dog duo.

More proof of cute, Boo and Buddy checking themselves out in the very spread I speak of:

via Instagram


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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Opinion Needed: How Do We Feel About Baby Bangs?

Er, that should be "Baby Bangs!" but I just didn't' feel right about yelling in the title. 
Hi. I'm cute! And bald.

Some of you may have heard of this product. Dare I call it a craze? (That seems premature, absolutely no pun intended.) Of course, being that it relates to fashion and it is somewhat peculiar, I had to put my Sherlock hat on and investigate. Baby Bangs! (yes, exclamation point necessary, as it's trademarked that way..) creates head accessories for baby girls with little to no hair of their own. Add hair to a headband (which they dub HAIR+band) and voila, Baby Bangs! (again, their exclamation point, not mine...)

My first reaction was one of pure ignorance: But why would a baby need fake hair???

Well, the website explains in their "F*HAIR*Ytale" section *eye roll* that Baby Bangs! let the world know that though your little princess may still be bald, she is 100% girl. Kudos to a company who stepped in when a void needed to be filled. *sarcasm* But, I do totally see the point - I've plenty witnessed a mother correcting a doting stranger that her baby is a girl, not a boy. Sometimes babies don't have hair until 2 or older - this is normal! Though it may be tiring for the parent having to explain it over and over, does the child have any awareness whatsoever that she is causing such societal upheaval? No. She doesn't. I suggest maybe trying a less obtrusive gender convention like putting your baby in a dress, lace, pink, flowers, etc. Try this before you make her wear a hairpiece.

via Baby Bangs!
On the one hand, OK, it's (probably) harmless and gives the parent a sense of pride/joy/whatever. It's cute, it's not much different from a regular headband, and it's temporary. But what about the fact that you are essentially saying your baby isn't good enough the way she is? You're conforming to the societal norms that females have long hair and males have short hair, and are going to essentially objectify your daughter and make her into something she's not. It's bad enough we treat our pets like living dolls (GUIL-TEEEE!), but can we at least let little babies be the way God made them? 

Also, I have a problem with the product name altogether. Look at the picture above and let’s call a spade a spade – these aren’t baby bangs, they’re baby wigs!

And what about the boys? They are not mentioned anywhere on the site. What if they want the lush, Patrick Dempsey-like hair of their fathers? 
Boys, I think you're safe. Via

Shouldn’t they get a chance to turn toddler heads, too? Assuming the male version is coming, let’s call them baby wigs. No baby boy wants to think he's wearing fake bangs. (Fake bangs = Fangs? No. That absolutely doesn’t work in this situation.) 

So my question is, am I being overly philosophical about all this, calling gender roles, child objectification and even self-imposition of insecurity into play? Or am I absolutely justified in calling these ridiculous?

Please weigh in and let your voice be heard in the comments!

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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Freakin' Funny Fashion Alert: Teva Stilettos

Warning, these exist:
I may be a little late to the party with these, but chances are if even I have only just heard of them, you may not have heard of them either. Just so we're clear what you're looking at, those are Teva sandals crossed with a stiletto. They are a collaboration between the hippie outdoor shoe company and Grey Ant, an "INDEPENDENT OFF THE GRID DESIGN TEAM," (their words). First of all, I hate all caps, second of all, I hate blatant omission of punctuation, so they have 2 strikes in my book, and then creating these hideous shoes makes 3.

Teva Original Universal, $50.00,
We've probably all worn Tevas or similar in our lives - they're great for camping, tubing the river, etc. I even used to wear some knock-offs when I was an avid hiker, preferring airy sport sandals to clunky hiking boots. So they do have their merits. There are many that wear them outside that realm, as actual "fashionable" shoes about town, but let's pretend that isn't a thing. 

Climbing a tree! via
The premise of these Grey Ant + Teva stilettos, "the most comfortable performance high heel on the planet," is ridiculous. Nobody needs both of those worlds colliding. We wear high heels for one world, one that is fabulous, glamorous and nowhere near latrines. We wear sport sandals for life in another world, filled with cargo shorts, hiking sticks and bandanas. Let's keep these worlds separate, please. I guarantee no regular gal is going to wish she had cuter heels to go hiking in. But alas, someone thought this was a great idea, and we have the horrifying result to prove it.
A wheelbarrow? Really? via

I thought maybe this was a joke, as it really struck me as too funny to be true. Or maybe they were just prototypes of a designer's lifelong dream that would never make it to production. But alas, they are in fact available to buy from, for a cool $330. For that price, my shoes better get me on a best-dressed list, not give me better grip on a mountainside.

Please weigh in on these - would you ever, EVER wear them? If so, you'd better give me a darn good reason. Go!

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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Hats Off to The Royal Ascot

You know I love sports, but I am really only counting human sports. The Royal Ascot is a sport with humans and horses - doesn't really count, right? Whatever camp you're in, I bet you can step back and appreciate the real reason for such grand events, awesome outfits. Because the Ascot takes place in England, you can bet there were some incredible hats and headpieces on display - ladies' hats are actually part of the required dress code, with fascinators no longer being allowed. Gentlemen are required to wear a waistcoat and top hat, which is never a bad thing. God I love those bloody British.

Let's take a look at my favorite ensembles:
First and foremost, Her Majesty the Queen, sporting a lovely display of pastels with a pop of fuchsia, also echoed in her lipstick. I mean really...!!!

Out of the park, Ma'am. Following with that same color scheme was a guest that was near and dear to my heart, which was only deemed photographable from the nose up, it seems. But yes, momma and daddy bird feeding their babies at home - brilliant!

In keeping with the feather theme, here's a garish, but nonetheless delightful display of feathers and foliage, accompanied by a dapper gent with an affinity for polka dots.

And hip, hip, hooray for this doll, with loads of British pride on display. But really, could she not have found some Union Jack gloves? Kidding!

There were loads of giant flowers, feathers and tulle galore (and even a tube station sign and diaper cake), but what really won me over were the looks by Larisa Katz. If the name sounds familiar, she's the "mystery woman" from Cannes a few weeks back, that I actually deducted was Ms. Katz. Let's all applaud the grandiose efforts of a fellow kook with a heart for drama:

That brown outfit is totally the same dress from Cannes, just with the awesome headpiece added. Cheers to multi-use!

Girlfriend can pose, no? Which ones were your faves?

All photos courtesy of The Cut, which has credited individual photo sources.

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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Red Carpet Roundup: CFDAs 2013

Well done, pup.
It may not be awards show season, but thankfully there are still mostly pointless events going on to bring out the stars and pseudo-stars alike! The CFDAs, or Council of Fashion Designer Awards, are like the who's who of fashion. It awards established and up and comers across several categories, and offers a nice cash prize to the winners to keep their art going. It's a big deal for designers because the council is made up of designers, so it's a peer-chosen honor. Imagine if you were in lawn maintenance and Edward Scissorhands gave you a trophy!

So, as far as a full list of winners, let your fingers do the clicking, here. Phillip Lim, Proenza Schouler, and Suno were the biggies, and all very deserving if you ask me. But really, the biggest winner is you, because you get the abridged fashion diary of the evening right in front of you. Let's go!

First we have my favorites. Incredibly, they are all black...ish. If you know me well, you know I shy away from black. I'm so pale, it makes me look ghostly. And frankly, I'm just not cool enough to be an "all black" girl. It just doesn't suit me. Give me gray any day, but don't drown me in black. Amazingly, I have looked past my sartorial fear and let these beauties wow me. Let's face it, they are so fantastic, and not the least bit boring.
via The Cut

First we have Linda Fargo in what I can only guess is the super sexy Cushnie et Ochs. (They are known for their cut-outs. Let's give it to them.) Let me just frame this for you. Fargo is in her 50s. She looks better than my hottest 20-something friend. Let's also give it to her for being smoking hot and appropriately stylish in her golden years. Rue McClanahan would be so proud!

Next, the ubiquitous and inimitable Rooney Mara. I come in with a bit of a bias as I'm a huge "Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" fan, but homegirl kills it with these unboring black sheaths. It's a Calvin Klein Collection dress, which is fitting as she's the face of their new Downtown fragrance. (Ugh, Photoshop gone wrong if you ask me. Leave her face alone - she's gorgeous enough as it is!)

Third, Ellie Kemper, AKA Erin from "The Office," is wearing Naeem Khan. It's gorgeous. It looks like gilded fireworks on a deep French sky. It's fun, but tame, the belt gives her shape, and the length keeps it from being dowdy. I love a dress with sleeves too - it forces you to be more creative, which is totally evident from that fun beading.

Last, we have the crushingly gorgeous Hilary Rhoda in Helmut Lang. I don't know what it is about this look, because I'm normally not wowed by black and white, but this killed it for me. Maybe it's the fact that a model/celebrity/model-celebrity hybrid is actually smiling like she's enjoying herself, but I'm pretty sure it's the precision-perfect cut and drape of this number. It's perfection. It's classic but quirky at the same time, and I totally love it with the severe hairdo and barely-there sandals. Great styling.

There were just SO MANY DUDS this year. It was really appalling. Picking my 3 least favorite was a chore, but I'd be remiss without showcasing them...
via The Cut
I know! I'm sorry. That had to be done. They are crimes so heinous they must be seen to be believed. I won't shame the designers by giving them away, but the perps must be called out: Elizabeth Olsen (in rhymes with "The Stow") and Mary-Kate Olsen in vintage (rhymes with Pissy Miyake). I'm sorry girls, but those ginormous bolts of fabric must be cut and sewn first before being worn. 
And Anna Wintour...tsk, tsk. I can only surmise that Queen Bee's collar-less jacket is Chanel. (Yawn.) But to pair that with a blue fur bow stole and my grandmother's cream canvas mules is NO EXCUSE. As the "most powerful woman in fashion," you should know better than to sailor up that otherwise cute skirt. 
And Brad Goreski. Ooh, you're mixing "prints" - how daring. The thing is, when the print is plaid and pastel, just don't. Plus, a wide legged, high-water trouser does not a good pant make. You're a stylist. You should know better than this. Quirky is one thing, but this is borderline clownish.

Don't worry, I'm not leaving you on that note. Please accept this palette cleanser as my humblest offering. Here we have the Honorable Mentions, which were just too memorable not to include:
via The Cut
Juliette Lewis, usually known for whackadoo style, turned up like quite the lady. The peachy color, the kicky silhouette and pairing it with those killer burgundy heels was quite a package. She looks stunning, and just a couple of degrees off enough to look like herself.

Julie Macklowe really brought her A game in that lavender ball gown skirt. Oh, and did I mention the BEJEWELED SHOULDERS!?! What a simple but elegant look. And did she not look like she had the most fun???

Zachary Quinto (in Todd Snyder), while not in a dress, still managed to catch my eye. (Those smoldering looks don't hurt either.) When everyone else is turning up in plain black (or gasp, PLAID suits), Spock shows up in my favorite neutral, gray. What a killer look, and still totally wearable by any guy out there. (It's all in the FIT, guys!) He looks dashing, and I for one thank you for upping the male ante. 

Who wore your fave? Least fave? Anyone I left out on either front?

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Monday, June 3, 2013

Picture Page: Free Press Summer Fest 2013

Japandroids, from Canada, on stage in Houston

The most anticipated event in Houston music is undoubtedly Free Press Summer Fest (FPSF). The 5th annual (my first) festival exploded in Eleanor Tinsley Park this past weekend, June 1-2, 2013. While other music fests (Coachella, ACL) may garner the press, this little gem is by far one of the best I've been to. It's not too big (6 stages), but big enough to draw huge acts like Matt & Kim and Passion Pit, and cool enough to feature great up and comers like The Suffers and Dawes. I fear that a couple more years will see this thing outgrowing its little kid clothes and needing more space, or at least adding another day to the fest. But enough about the background, let's look at the fun I had!
Hiya, Houston!

Here's the view to the right of the Mars stage, where we camped out for most of the fest. Ahh, it's great to be back in this city. It hosted greats like Japandroids, Arctic Monkeys and TV On the Radio. Yes, Houston is the Space City, so naturally our music festival stages must have space-themed names. My space geek husband got a kick out of spotting Saturn while we were watching The Postal Service at the Saturn stage :). My favorite shows were Matt & Kim and The Postal Service, which are 2 totally different genres. Matt & Kim (Day 2) are just ONE BIG PARTY on stage. They are having as much fun as the fans, and bring such a commanding presence for only 2 people. 

The Postal Service (whom I wasn't even sure were still together!) played such an amazing set to close out Day 1. For a band (made up of Death Cab for Cutie's Ben Gibbard, Jimmy Tamborello and JENNY LEWIS!) that's only had 1 LP that came out 10 years ago, their fan base is incredible. The show was packed, and everyone knew every word to every song. The night cooled things off, the wind was blowing Jenny's wavy red hair, and the sound was even better than I thought it could be. In a word, it was magical. 

Connor Barwin, music lover
Another magical moment was had on Saturday, when we spotted the ( :( former) Houston Texans' DE Connor Barwin. Sadly we've lost him to the Eagles, but the known "hipster"* still has a place in his heart for Houston it seems. *I'm so tired of that word. Can we put a moratorium on it unless absolutely necessary? Just because Connor prefers bike riding,  Prius driving, and loves him some indie music doesn't make him an annoying, eye-roll-inducing human being. Ok, so the (probably) ironic Madonna tee and cut-offs aren't helping, but he was the nicest guy. No, not that I met him or anything :). But watching him stop to pose for pics with every fan along the way was awesome. He was just trying to get to the next show, but he was gracious enough to even grant the lunatic with a real shepherd's hook a photo op. What a guy. I don't blame him for sprinting after that to the next stage! 

That's me and the dude, root
beer'd up!
The rundown: while the fest was crowded, it wasn't usually stifling. Food and drink were easily accessible (or so I gather, since my husband always made the trek!), and the Houston food scene was well represented (tacos, burgers, Beaver balls). Free water troughs were fairly plentiful, but the only decent beer (Saint Arnold) was only on one end. Wild Bill's Olde Fashioned Soda Pop Co. had my favorite perk: refillable soda mugs! $15 gets you a huge stainless steel mug filled with ice and one of their craft sodas: root beer for me, baby. Then once you're finished, you can refill it all day for free, and $5 for the whole next day. It's the cruise ship model, and it's actually a good deal considering what you'd pay for that much to drink separately. Plus, the stainless steel mug keeps you cool while it's condensatin' away. The band selection was awesome, and they spaced shows out pretty well - there were only a couple of heartache overlaps, that were easily remedied by drive-by viewings (Iggy and The Stooges vs Passion Pit) Paul Banks of Interpol vs Japandroids). I'm shocked Iggy was only granted a small side stage, but judging from the pictures he held nothing back. The fest also highlighted Houston's burgeoning rap scene, featuring our own Paul Wall and Geto Boys. Other highlights I could spend 3 more posts on: The Alabama Shakes, Arctic Monkeys (2nd time!) Of Monsters and Men, Cat Power (2nd time!) Dawes, The Suffers, Grace Potter & The Nocturnals, Gogol Bordello, and this guy, Macklemore (& Ryan Lewis).

He's wearing a coyote coat some dude passed up to him from the crowd. HE POPPED TAGS WHILE SINGING POPPIN' TAGS!

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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Red Carpet Roundup: We Cannes Do It 2013

Festival de Cannes, AKA Canz Film Festival for us terribly unchic Americans, has come to a close. Gone will be the shots of models, foreign TV presenters, people I've never heard of, and OH YEAH, ACTORS, hitting the red carpet on the Riviera. Much as the French like to think they are so above us seedy celeb-hungry Americans, they sure do love their red carpets too. And they also saturate a film festival red carpet with people who aren't even in films. The French, they're just like us!
There weren't really any wowsers for me this year, but there were a few standout pretty pretties, and a mystery woman who knocked it out of the park. Let's commence (a French word! See what I did there??).
All pics via The Cut.First we have the grand entrance: Only a billowy ballgown silhouette can make the cut, and these ladies nailed it: Solange Knowles in Stephanie Rolland Couture, Frieda Pinto in Gucci and Fan Bing Bing in the red carpet failsafe, Elie Saab Couture. (Apologies for the less-than-quality pics, but I'm mobile and not on my regular machine!)

Ooooh, pretteeeee. And while it's always a pleasure to see Bai Ling's whackadoo appearances, I'm afraid she was outdone this time, but one "mystery woman" who showed up in 2 spectacular outfits (one being made entirely of biscuit trays). I did some detective work and may have found the answer. She is either Larisa Katz, or these outfits were at least designed by her. Either way, bravo! 

Next we have fabulous shades of sapphire with Kristin Scott Thomas, Milla Jovovich, Jessica Chastain in Givenchy, and Emmanuelle Riva. Technically Jessica's in purple, but CAN YOU BLAME ME???

And last but not least, I've included 2 purely for my own enjoyment: Pudsey the dog and CLIVE OWEN. You're welcome!

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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Concert + Game = Epic Weekend

I always seem to overbook myself, but this past weekend I was so glad I did. Dave Matthews Band came into town Friday to kick off their Summer 2013 tour. Thank you for picking Houston, Dave! Now, for those of you who have known me for a long time, you’re probably wondering what was so special about a DMB show, as I’ve seen them 9 times now. For one, it has been 9 years since I last saw these guys. I was due for a reunion. Second, I had never seen them with my husband. I drag him to shows all the time, but seeing DMB is a whole other experience for me, one I was sure he needed.
Sorry. I'm from a phone.

In a word, it was sensational. I realize I come in with a heavy bias, but to be honest I had lowered my expectations for this show. He used to play 2 nights in Houston and now he’s down to 1, so I guess the fan base has shrunk. And we’re no Central Park or Red Rocks, so I always figure artists will be like “Houston? Let’s just get this over with.” Thankfully he’s realized playing the usual September dates in Houston is not a wise choice given our stifling heat and humidity. May weather is perfect for an outdoor show! Maybe that pepped him up as well. The Carolina Chocolate Drops opened, which as you can probably guess, are from my old stomping grounds. They were fantastic!, but I think they were lost on that particular crowd. Plus they just kind of played in a circle on one corner of the stage, with not much presence other than the occasional spoon throttling (and Rhiannon's amazing voice). But they played some great bluegrassed up covers of songs like “Jackson” by Johnny Cash and “Hit ‘Em Up Style” by Blu Cantrell. I KNOW! Google that song – you’ll remember it. Dave came out and introduced them and then watched them off stage (but in view) for most of their set. Let the swooning begin.

I was really impressed with the setlist. He played a GREAT mix of old and new. I was worried they’d be so tired of playing those old standards, but I guess they appreciate what got them to where they are in the first place. Here’s a shot of the setlist from the band’s Twitter – if you look closely you can see the date and venue (my show!) at the top. Woot!
It was a full 2 ½ hour set, which is actually an essential amount of time to absorb this band live. They truly live on stage. I’ve made many a convert of ho-hum fans into diehards just by taking them to see a show. Their energy is incredible and they’re just fun to watch. No over-wrought sets, no special effects, just the music. You can tell they are having a blast up there, and it really comes out through the music. Reverting to their jam band roots, they killed on a version of “Lie In Our Graves” that was easily 12 minutes long. Then the medley of “So Much to Say” with “Too Much” was just perfect. Perfect! Rounding things out with solid newer songs like “Belly Belly Nice” and “Shake Me Like A Monkey” made this such a balanced show. Not too much of the new album, not too much of the earlies, just a great mix. And yes, closing the night out with “Ants Marching,” the pinnacle fan anthem, was again, perfect. You can’t really get tired of that song, and being that it was 9 years since I’d seen them perform it, it was a nice welcome back into the DMB concert circle. “Hey, remember this? You’re welcome.”

Another reason this was a great show: TIM FREAKING REYNOLDS. He’s a guitar god in every sense of the word. Please, watch Tim Reynolds - Stream if you don’t believe me! I’ve been privileged to see him perform solo and it was one of the most amazing shows I’ve ever seen. Back in the late 90s, he and Dave would tour together as a duo but I didn't get a chance to see them. So, imagine my surprise when Tim, Mr. Cool, strolls out as the guitar player that night. It was a musical dream come true seeing them play together.

So in short, the show was incredible. It was probably my favorite DMB show, or at least tied for first. I was reminded why I became a DMB fan in the first place, and I haven’t stopped grinning since.

Saturday night some friends hooked us up with tickets to see the Houston Dynamo, our MLS team. They won the MLS Championship in 2006 and 2007 - not bad! I’m so glad soccer (football) has finally gained a rightful place in American sports. Let me tell ya, that was the most fun I’ve had in a long time! I love sports, and watching them in person is so much more fun. But that game put baseball to shame in terms of fun. The energy was just so great, and everyone was into it and heckling and jeering and cheering just as much as me. Plus there’s even a Dynamo band, La Bateria.
Just a group of fans who love to bang their drums, THE WHOLE GAME. Awesome. The stadium is great too – not a bad seat in the house. And it reminds me of the Bird’s Nest from the Beijing 2008 Olympics so it's all futuristic. Tickets are totally reasonable and tailgating is at its finest. Forever Orange: I highly recommend!

I felt epic just proofreading that, so I know some of that had to rub off on you. Anyone else do anything epic lately?

And though my weekend was great, please remember not everyone is doing so well these days. Let’s remember those affected by the tornado in Oklahoma with our thoughts, prayers and donations. Donate $10  by texting REDCROSS to 90999 to help with the disaster relief, or click here to donate any amount.

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Friday, May 17, 2013

Fashion Buffet: These EXIST! Edition

Just when I thought I'd seen it all in the world of animal fashion, Japan has to go and devote an entire industry to the formerly under-dressed guinea pig. YES!

via Guinea Pig Fashion
If you have a guinea pig and were thinking just how much cuter he or she would be in clothing, has you covered - tank tops, dresses, costumes (like a ninja!), tiaras and even wedding dresses!

If you have had any kind of week like I did, you need something ridiculous like this to make you smile. You're welcome!

Not to forget about the more common of pets, I had to try and find some fantastic clothing for otherwise boring dogs. 

"Sparkling Mystic Swarovski
Crystal Couture Dog Dress"

Oh, this old thing?
KOCouture on Etsy has a fantastic line of super fancy gowns for dogs. The one at left, encrusted with 4,000 Swarovski crystals, rings in at $6,000 - that's more than most wedding dresses!

I also would like to see my dog in one of her elaborate plumed harnesses - they are fabulous!

And it's no secret I love birds. Not just because of Portlandia, or that every other hipster girl at any given indie rock concert has a swallow or a sparrow tattoo and bird paraphernalia is everywhere, but because I've always been fascinated with them. They're incredible creatures. So of course I was pleased as punch when I came across Flightquarters, ("Home of the Revolutionary Bird Diaper!") which carries bird fashions. Again, YES! Check out this
Flying in Style!
handsome fellow all decked out for a night on the town. They also carry fringed feather protectors for the boho-loving avian, casual hoodies complete with pockets???, and even costumes. Please do yourself a favor and look through their website whenever you're feeling down - you'll feel the corners of your mouth start turning up before you know it.

I'm off to see my music husband Dave Matthews for the 9th time tonight. I'll be suffering from a major swoon-over tomorrow!

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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Bucket List Checked: The Houston Art Car Parade

I'm so glad the weathermen were wrong about this past weekend! We had bad storms Thursday and Friday. Friday I decided to nix any outdoor activities. I'm still in a walking boot after injuring my ankle, and somehow slogging through wet streets didn't seem as appealing. Saturday morning the house was still a'rockin, with all of the apps and maps galore projecting a continuation of the rain. But by the time we were up and about on Saturday, the skies were clear and even the humidity was at bay. God was smiling on The Orange Show that day.

The Orange Show is an arts foundation that puts on 
The Colonel!
various events and shows to benefit arts and get kids involved with it. In short, it's great! For 26 years now, they have hosted The Houston Art Car Parade, and for as long as I've known about it, I've wanted to go, but you know how life and living on the other side of the country can get in the way. Last year the co-Grand Marshals were J.J. Watt and Conor Barwin!!!!! (for you non-football lovers, they're players for the Texans...except Conor is now with Philly...sigh) Of course I wore my J.J. jersey Saturday hoping for a repeat...but no dice. The parade is free, but if you want choice food and drink and viewing, you'll pay a whopping $125 to be a VIP. No VIP status here, but we got a great spot in the shade, perfect for all the jalopy fumes (and people watching) you could handle. There was a Batmobile, Nemo, and a slew of incredible low riders, but take a look at some of my favorite rides. 


Sparkly Honda Accord!

I think even my hour-plus commute would be made better riding around in a metallic owl, don't you?

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